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CarePortal creates connections within the "Circles of Care" around the isolated child. Families, churches, and communities are brought together to create a healthy approach to caring for kids. Because EVERY child matters.


Enroll Your Church

Whether you simply want to keep one child out of foster care, help one family in crisis stay together or rally your community, CarePortal connects you. Enroll your church to combat the foster care crisis in your neighborhood. A few examples of needs are twin beds, car seats, meal delivery, mentorship, and transportation.


Whom Does CarePortal Help?

First and foremost, CarePortal exists to help vulnerable children and families. Requests submitted through CarePortal come from caseworkers at government child welfare agencies or other child-serving organizations approved by CarePortal to vet needs. Churches can also identify and submit needs within their own church and community through the Church Entered Needs feature.


How Does CarePortal Work?

CarePortal is a technology connecting platform that brings the needs of hurting children and families in your community to your attention. Caseworkers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches and community members aware, giving them a real-time opportunity to respond.


How Does CarePortal Request Help?

What difference do these requests make for these children and their families? Every single time a caseworker submits a request on behalf of a child in their community, they will let you know the purpose. Your responses could help achieve goals like: preventing a child from entering foster care, making an adoptive placement, or supporting a youth aging out of foster care.

When you join CarePortal, you’re saying “Yes” to connections that can change lives, transform communities and reverse the foster care crisis in our nation.

Check out our Impact Page to see where we are active in the U.S. and Canada and how many thousands of children in crisis we have served.


Why Was CarePortal Created?

After a decade of caring for orphans around the world, The Global Orphan Project (GO Project) created CarePortal in 2015 as a tool to mobilize U.S. churches to care for foster children and vulnerable families in their own backyards.

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