About OneFamily

Our Organization

OneFamily exists to train the local community to raise up and support families, children, and sibling groups who need temporary homes through foster care, or forever homes through adoption. We help families, train churches, and partner with businesses to enrich our community and beyond. 

Our Mission; Our Goals

Most people quit foster care their first year because of the difficulties the children and/or the system may bring. OneFamily's mission is to equip and empower foster families through wholehearted community support. Because when the community supports its families, the families within that community flourish.


Healthy Kids

There are many individual parts in a community, but together we’re OneFamily. Our goal is to bring the many unique pieces of a community together under one mission: To have every child fed, clothed, and part of a family.


Happy Homes

We train the Church to raise up and support families. Our goal is for every child or sibling group to find a temporary home through foster care or a forever home through adoption.


Foster Families

Our local foster care agency is currently 100 foster homes short of what they need. By 2025, our goal is to see 150 new foster families from local churches and those churches actively supporting them.


Community Success

When the family flourishes, the community flourishes. Our goal is to see the power of community, the unity of churches, and businesses to come together to support efforts to help foster children and the families who care for them.


Our Story

Stephen and Sandra Hogue always wanted to start a family of their own. But after struggling with infertility for 7 years, they knew they would need to move adoption to the forefront of their plans. They began their journey into adoption with the foster care program. And that's when they realized how broken it was.

In 2013, they felt led to leave their very secure jobs and venture out in the unknown, become missionaries, and be a part of the solution for foster care communities. So, that's exactly what they did. 


Their vision for OneFamily is to connect local churches and the community to help them become a part of that solution, too. Because when the family flourishes, the community flourishes.