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From children's books to our signature Promise Packs, visit our shop to find incredible resources, moving stories, and difference-making products.


Am I Special?

by Stephen Hogue

Am I special? Is a wonderfully illustrated book that teaches kids about the amazing world of adoption. It focuses on one day in the life of a precious little girl named Josie. Josie is five years old and learning new things every day. She learned from her family that ordinary things around the house are "special." After finding out what special means, she wonders if she is special because she was adopted. She comes to find out that she wasn't abandoned; she was chosen.


The Christmas Cross

by Stephen Hogue

It’s Christmastime again and Sam is wrestling with what Christmas is supposed to be about. If it’s really about Jesus’ birthday, why are we getting gifts? He watches all of his friends make Christmas lists and sees commercials on TV, and he doesn’t get it. Join Sam on his personal journey to find the true meaning of Christmas.


What in the World is a Missionary?

by Stephen Hogue

When you hear the word missionary what comes to mind? What does a missionary really do and where do they go? What in the World is a Missionary is a book for children that will answer these questions and help kids discover what role they have in fulfilling the Great Commission.


We Said Yes!

by Stephen Hogue

Jesus said that to become His disciple, we must deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and follow Him. The word yes, is small but very important. Denying ourselves takes a yes. Picking up our cross takes a yes. Following Jesus requires a very big yes. Your yes is powerful. Your "YES" can change the course of your life.


I Promise

by Stephen Hogue

Justin is a young boy who is hurting. Many people in his life have broken their promises. And now, his world has been turned upside down. He has just become a foster child. He’s confused, scared, and doesn’t trust adults. Join him on his journey through his difficult life as he finds someone who never breaks His promises.


The Red Jellybean

by Stephen Hogue

Easter is one of Simon’s favorite holidays of the year! He looks forward to waking up Easter morning to a basket of goodies. This Easter was a bit different. Besides the goodies, Grandpa brought over a bowl of jelly beans. Join the journey to discovering what this special candy has to do with Easter and the real reason to celebrate.


The Promise Pack

a Donation for a Foster Child

Make a $25 donation and this Promise Pack will be given to a foster child in need, filled with basic essentials.


Building Arrows

by Stephen Hogue

Psalms 127 is a great guide in building your children to be arrows for the Lord. This book will go deep into what it means to build your arrows in such a way that they will do damage to the enemy- the devil and his army. Great wisdom and truth in raising kids can be found in God‘s word and Psalm 127 is no exception.

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