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May Is Foster Care Awareness Month
May Is Foster Care Awareness Month And it’s not just about the foster children or the families who care for them. The foster care system is made up of so many entities: the kids, biological families, therapists, social workers, case managers, guardian ad litems, lawyers, and jud... Read More

Hello, friends and partners of Hogue Ministries.
Hello, friends and partners of Hogue Ministries. The newsletter we sent out today accidentally said February and it was meant to be the March/April newsletter. It was supposed to go out the first week of March before all of these new regulations of quarantine were recommended. We are praying for y... Read More

Jesus is the Breaker!
Jesus is the Breaker! Three years ago I was given a prophetic word that I would have a “breaker“ anointing on my life to break the orphan spirit. Since that day I have been studying the word of God regarding the orphan spirit and spiritual orphans. I have been... Read More

We Said Yes! 
We Said Yes!  “Jesus said that to become His disciple, we must deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and follow Him. The word yes, is small but very important. Denying ourselves takes a yes. Picking up our cross takes a yes. Following Jesus requires a very big ... Read More

Sanctity Of Life
Sanctity Of Life January is Sanctity of Life Month. On January 13, 1984, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation designating January 22 as the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day. He picked that day because January 22, 1973, was the day the US Supreme Cou... Read More

The Royal Birthday
The Royal Birthday How do you celebrate your birthday? Some people celebrate their birthday the entire month. Or they celebrate their ‘birthday week.’ Some people make a birthday wish list. In our family, the birthday person gets breakfast in bed and t... Read More

Dear Pastor, As many of you know, November is National Adoption Awareness Month. November is also the month that churches around the globe are commemorating Orphan Sunday (Global orphan focus) and Stand Sunday (local orphan focus – foster care). Compact Fam... Read More

A Month to Focus on Orphans
A Month to Focus on Orphans November is one of our favorite months, because it signifies National Adoption month, as well as, Orphan Sunday- bringing awareness to the 147 million orphans worldwide. And recently, Stand Sunday- for the purpose of calling the Church to stand for c... Read More

God Puts The Lonely In Families
God Puts The Lonely In Families The Bible says in Psalm 68:6 that “God puts the lonely in families.” As adoptive parents, we have decided to take children into our home. Not only to give them a better life but to lead them to Jesus. I talk to many people who tell me the... Read More

Walking With A Limp
Walking With A Limp When you see someone walking with a limp, what do think of? Maybe they had some sort of injury from a car accident or something sports related. Usually, the limp is from something that happened to them that causes them to walk that way. Most people w... Read More

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