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A huge part of our mission at OneFamily is to train local churches to become foster care support networks through CompaCare. We train in three categories: Family Advocates, Volunteers, and Ministry Leaders. Each member is equipped with the knowledge, resources, and tools to confidently become a part of the solution for the foster care community. Discover how you and your local church can get involved in the mission and vision of OneFamily through CompaCare!

What is CompaCare?

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Compassionate care that helps churches minister to vulnerable children and families who need loving support.


  1. A compassion care system with supporting resources that have been derived from the evidence-based work of COMPACT® and its team. It has been designed to promote family life and encourage community service in the local church with a view to fulfilling the royal law to love your neighbor as yourself James 2:8).

  2. Designed for deployment and use by churches to mobilize coordinated and strategic compassionate community action that makes our commitment to the kingdom of God more tangible. It will empower local churches to actively pursue ministry to redeem the fatherless and the family.

  3. Built on professional practice experience to equip individuals in large or small churches to deliver evidence-based interventions to vulnerable families in their communities:

  • to protect vulnerable children, youth, and families;

  • to assist those in the community who provide custodial care for foster children and those who have adopted the orphaned;

  • to support those who care for the medically fragile, widowed, chronically ill, or special needs individuals;

  • to intervene appropriately when calamity strikes a family in the community.

Why Should Your Church Use CompaCare?

There is an awakening among churches to become involved in foster care. This is clearly a welcome move of the Holy Spirit. But this is not a social problem that can be resolved by simply recruiting foster parents and pointing them to the agencies that desperately seek them. Professional foster care agencies have caseworkers who are inundated by the flood of new cases. Their reporting and monitoring functions are critical to maintaining professional and legal requirements, but what is often omitted is the emotional and caring support that struggling foster families need to be successful.


The CompaCare® Model of Ministry is a unique training and mobilization model for local church ministry that is based on a biblical theology of service, and is supported by the latest empirical research. Our research suggests that successful foster placements can be significantly increased with the application of this model.


Ministry Leader

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Ministry Leaders are the lifeblood of raising up "Champion Churches" within the OneFamily movement. Within the OneFamily Training, a Ministry Leader is usually a staff member in the church who serves as the leader of Family Advocates and Volunteers. Ministry Leaders are trained to oversee the resources needed to be supplied to families as well as to provide support and encouragement to those giving their time and those who are a part of the foster community. In our training, we usually have one trained Ministry Leader per church.



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When it comes to equipping local churches to become foster care support systems, volunteers are essential to ensuring foster families are taken care of. Volunteers are the hands-on help that foster families need. From ensuring a foster family has a proper crib for a child to cooking meals for those in need, volunteers provide in-need families with hands-on assistance and resources. One Family aims to raise up at least 15 volunteers per church. 


Family Advocate

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Important members of the OneFamily mission are our Family Advocates. Family Advocates are members of the church who volunteer their time to be a bridge between foster families and the church's resources. Family Advocates help coordinate the needs of the foster community to ensure those who need help are receiving the proper care and assistance. One Family aims to train 1 to 2 Family Advocates per church.

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