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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! Happy New Year! 2021, although challenging, has been a great year of reflection and dreaming for OneFamily! 2022 will be a year of GROWth!As we reflect on 2021, we want to give God glory for what he has done because of the prayers and financial part... Read More

December 2021
December 2021 CarePortal Since we’ve started CarePortal in our area, the churches we serve made an economic impact of over $10,000! CarePortal is a software program that brings the needs of vulnerable, at-risk families to local churches. The churches meet t... Read More

Thanksgiving  In honor of THANKSgiving, we thank you to all of you who foster and adopt, following the James 1:27 biblical mandate of caring for orphans. Thank you to the CompaCare and CarePortal churches who so willingly and lovingly support foster and adop... Read More

Love Is Not a Feeling
Love Is Not a Feeling What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word love? Most of us associate that word with an emotion that we feel toward someone. We can all quickly recall all the people in our lives that we love. Most of us will start with our ... Read More

The Calling in the Chaos
The Calling in the Chaos All through the Bible, we see times when God calls out to His people in their most difficult moments. He calls them to do something great. He called to Gideon while he was hiding in the winepress. He called to Moses from a bush that was on fire. He c... Read More

The Power of Your Yes
The Power of Your Yes I will never forget the day we walked into a hospital in Orlando Florida excited about meeting a newborn baby boy that we could potentially adopt. We had no kids at the time. We dealt with infertility for many years and had recently opened our hearts... Read More

Why Isn't Church Doing Foster Care Ministry?
Why Isn't Church Doing Foster Care Ministry? When you are extremely passionate about something, you often wonder why other people aren’t as passionate as you are. There are some amazing ministries that God is using across the earth right now, and I would assume that those who are leading those ... Read More

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! For us, 2020 was about simplicity. It was about FAMILY. For Hogue Ministries, Inc., 2020 looked a little different. In the spring, we delivered Promise packs, cleaning supplies, gift cards, toys, books, toiletries to several foster families in need. ... Read More

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